Land of Smiles

November 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bangkok is beautiful (minus the recent floods), however,there are many parts we’ve not explored. During my recent trip, i believed i was in Tuscany more than in BKK. Yes, i was in Tuscany.

In the nice little town of Suan Phueng, surprises await you at every corner. The town is so local that there’s hardly any signs in English. Away from the city, its a great place to chill out with some friends. And thankfully, the people i went with were crazy fun! I’ve authentic Thai food, yes, lots of tom yam soup. I’ve crossed paths with childhood characters, super retro finds and amazing candles. Everything’s pretty old here, but fun. I’ve some slippery adventures at the waterfall too.

And if it wasn’t for the bugs, it would have been a great picnic spot by the 9-steps waterfall. I’m glad i brought my insect repellent.

2 days here – mission accomplished!

Shopping in the city somehow seem better in Bangkok this time. Biggest loot: my eyes! 9 months worth, thank you.

Another take away was a stunning place Dale’s friend brought us to dinner at, the best description for it would be – Dempsey setting (or nicer) with yummy food at Chinatown pricing. Desserts were just as yummy. Waterside Resort, we’ll be back for sure! (Apologise for the slight blurness – pictures were taken with the iPhone.)

The weather was merciful with no signs of water coming in as per warnings in the news. Was really thankful that everything went smoothly for us. Hang in there Bangkok!!


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