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I took off with Dale to Bangkok (again) last weekend. There are always something new and interesting every time we go back. Even the view from above was welcoming, somewhat like a batik art piece. The river ran right through the land, giving life to the surrounding vegetation and villages. We met amazingly friendly people and just soaked up the culture. It was more eating than anything else. Sabai sabai.

I’ve always been excited about trying food from the roadside hawkers. Many people believed its dirty eating from there, and they missed out on the good stuff. Its very yummy authentic Thai food at really low cost. Just grab a seat next to the locals and pig out! 70 baht for a big serving of Mango sticky rice from the lady with a Mango on her headband, 30 baht for a plate of Phad Thai or their famous basil leaves with chicken with egg on rice for 40 baht.

Themed restaurants are hugely popular in Bangkok. Previously, we went to a place called Waterside, which served fantastic yet inexpensive food. This time, we explored Chocolate Ville, an oldie themed property recommended by our lobby manager. The area is so big it needs a map. It is a great place for taking photos at and chilling out with a few friends. Loved it!

Saxophone is the only jazz bar I’ve ever been to. Mood here is definitely good. The first visit here a couple of years back was much more high spirited. This trip, we simply came to chill. The guy on the saxophone was so good though! But you know I’m not much of a jazz lover when the only other person I know who plays the saxophone is Lisa Simpson.

Recharge with massage. You gotta choose the right ones, otherwise, guys get extras. There’s this morbid instance when I was in midst of my oil massage, lying on my back with a towel over me and my feet sticking out at the end. I peered over my tummy, eerie. Just like a CSI scene. Morbid.

JJ market has always been a highlight of a Bangkok trip. They have absolutely everything in the world, close to. Forget about directions, get lost inside! Wooohooo! Shop for 200m, indulge in snacks, shop for another 100m, drink! Apart from the heat, oh wait, heat comes as a package. We had fun people-watching while gulping cold beer. Especially at the guy who tried on 20,000 shirts in the heat. Yucks, good luck to whoever bought those.

Cheers to the groovy DJ.

We ventured into a slower part of the city – Thong Lor. While searching for the street with quaint fashion boutique and got wrong directions from the lady at the station, the lady selling coffee and even the postman. But the walk was nice and saw a few lovely Kombivan owners selling wares by the road. The most interesting sight was seeing Paulaner beside a mosque with a police station next to it. Hmmm.

Life is beautiful!


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