33KM around Paris

December 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Time past so fast when you are enjoying, it’s been what? 6 weeks? As I unpack all the memories of a fantastic trip – I could still hear raindrops, feel the cold air, remembering the unusual conversation with the guy at the café about a hip 70’s French artiste and the nice little surprises along the way.

We knew it was gonna be a good trip the moment we got onto the cab. The nice taxi driver was playing classical music instead of the radio, befitting to the place and weather. I think appropriate music should be played everywhere, lifting moods around and add touches to a beautiful trip like those on TV.

The streets (and gardens) of Paris are undeniably romantic, especially in the rain, hand in hand holding an umbrella as we walked down stormy Champs Elysees. We called it ‘Street of Rain’, as every time we walk through, it rained.

Rue De RivoliRue Des Rosiers copy

walkway to museum copyLourve Museum copy

tuilleries garden copy

Despite hearing unpleasant encounters from friends, we find the French folks really nice. Everyone we met were really sweet and helpful. Some found us rather amusing as we attempted to read out from the French language book. Some even helped us with the correct pronunciation – “la-di-sion-sil-vu-play”. A nice lady told us that if they see us trying, they will usually help us. No try, no help. Other nice people in the shops told us to be careful with our belongings.

Paris is very walkable as we found out. So, we walked everywhere, at least 33KM in 5 days. It’s a great way to enjoy the sight and sound… and rain. We joined a Discover Walks Tour to Montmartre and took pictures of some of the most stunning views of Paris. Our guide brought us through a little bit of history of the seemingly quiet cobblestoned area where many great artists once lived. It was fun and enriching, highly recommend the tour.

Moulin Rouge copy

Windmill copy

Van Gogh copy

Residences in Monmartre copy

Drawing the view copy

Face in the wall copy

Sacre Coeur copy

Stunning View copy

And because the tour was pretty good, we decided to go for another one to Le Marais. As we walked along, we bumped into friends who were also on their honeymoon! What are the chances of meeting friends in Paris? Not much, so, we enjoyed the day together. Off to Notre Dame before heading off to squeeze in a big restaurant serving really good Jewish food. I gotta thank Paul for this awesome recommendation. Thanks Paul! L’As Du Fafallel is THE most crowded restaurant along the street. If you are visiting, you have to eat there.

Friends copy

LAs Du Fafallel copy

Inside the restaurant copy

yummy food copy

Le Marais is an interesting place well known for fashion, gays and the Jewish community. The streets are lined with quaint boutiques, secret gardens, Spanish influenced architecture. I like it here as it has its own mishmash charm and yummy Fafallel.

gardens copy

peaceful copy

The most tiring day is when we walk to St Germain, had lunch at an Alice in Wonderland inspired cafe, then to the Invalides, on to Eiffel Tower, finally back to Champs Elysees to buy my mom’s bag then back to the hotel. Exhausting! As we missed Asian food, we had a hearty meal at a Japanese restaurant, it felt good having chilli! Before the night ends, I bumped into my colleagues and CEO at our hotel. Again, what are the chances?

Alice in wonderland copy

eiffel tower copy

Eiffel tower 2 copy

After 5 nights of walking, we headed south – to Tours and Bordeaux we go!

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