Bacchus was here – Bordeaux

January 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

The world’s most expensive wine originated from here. Some of the most prestigious wines are from here. Charmed and watched over by Bacchus, it remains one of the best wine making regions of the world.Town of St EmillionAs our visit to some of the wineries in Medoc, St Emillion and Pomerol was during harvesting, we had the chance to witness the entire process and I’d like to believe that Bacchus was bouncing out from the crops or orbiting the tanks, supervising at every stage. The other part of the magic came from the hardworking pickers and the philosophy of the winermaker. Bruno was our informative and fun guide for two sun-shiny days and he taught us so much I think we can start making our own wine. We just need 100 million euros to buy over a winery. A famous one.Grapes2 copyA happy picker

grape sortingoptical sorting machineTanksBarrelsTroplong MondotTroplong MondotIt’s not all just grapes and turning them into wine, alright, maybe it is, but we can’t forget about the charismatic chateaus because most properties have the image of it on their label. It is an identity. And because they look just like what it is on the label, we jumped and did a little dance in Bruno’s car every time we see a familiar castle!DIssan copyBaron copyGazin copyhugging barrel copyat ch gazinle chatelet copyundergrond cellar copyLa Grangelafitelatour

I love how everywhere seems so untouched even though many restorations had been done. The only thing that’s saddening is the commercialization of the wine industry, where the lush history of the properties ended in the hands of the big insurance companies and LVMH. But without it, we won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful end product of the harvest.

One thing Bruno said that sticks “You can’t make good wines with bad grapes, but you can make bad wine with good grapes.” In Bordeaux, they mostly make good wine with good grapes I guess.

It was an eye opening wine tour and we even had the honor of taking photos with some owners and the other amazing people  from the Chateaus we visited. The best souvenir wasn’t that bottle of Latour I’d really like, but the leaf of the most amazing Carbernet Savignon from Chateau Troplong Mondot.Best wine tour

(We highly recommend Bruno from BD Wine Tours as your guide. Check out trip advisor for the 5 star reviews he’ve received. )


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