Nice is nice

February 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

The night train to Nice was about 12 hours. And because we were paranoid about sharing a cabin with strangers, we booked all 4 couchettes. The other worry was not being able to get good rest in a constricted space, however, the consistent rocking and the occasional bumping of the train on the track took no time in coaxing us into la-la land. Good stuff.

This is our last stop in magnificent France. Nice is warmer as its along the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean coast. The pebble beach, glistering blue sea and tall palm trees decorated the place, giving it a Hollywood glitzy feeling. Sun rays bounced off the checked floor, illuminating an Alice in Wonderland whimsical charm. One could imagine chess pieces moving around. Nice is good for a couple of days to do a slow stroll around, watch people at the beach and a take a short bus ride to Monaco. pasta

restaurants streetthe way to park4. View copybeach checked floor7. Sunrise copy

The ride to Monaco was somewhat like the one we took to Stanley in Hong Kong – where we passed humongous houses that are too dramatic for a normal living in. Monaco held an air of haughtiness and luxury with supercars crawling on the roads, freshly waxed down yachts with arrogant names like “Little Fish” lined the docks. Otherwise, it could get rather boring for people like us who are not that into the everyday branded living and expensive toys.


The most exciting thing that happened for us was winning 5 euros from the Casino – paying off our return bus rides to Monaco! We are not greedy, we are happy with 5 euros!


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