Postcard Perfect Switzerland

February 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

The last leg of our trip zoomed by really quickly. It was 2°c and we shivered all the way from sunny Nice to freezing Interlaken. It was sleeting and we were really lucky to catch the first snowfall of the season. Our cozy little room at Hotel Interlaken had some really ‘OMG!’ views of the surrounding mountains especially in the morning when snow was all around. Naturally, we jumped like two excited little kids and had snowball fights, because sunny Singapore only has an indoor compound somewhere near the edge of the island where artificial snow is being generated by machine.View from room copy

It wasn’t the season for skiing or anything, so we almost had the beautiful place to ourselves. The fresh air and dreamy surroundings is so unreal. It felt like we are sucked into a different fantasy world where the seven dwarfs will emerge from little huts, reindeers will greet you by tossing you on their backs trotting off to your hotel where Gandalf will serve you hot cocoa. postcard perfect Merry Christmas copy

Casino copy snowballAfter close to two weeks without spicy food, we were swooned over by a touching meal of spicy Korean BBQ. It was deadly spicy and delicious.doodling copyKorean Meal copy

As it was foggy and snowing heavily on the mountains, we only went as far as Grindelwald, where we found pasta with pork chop and mushroom sauce – my favourite so far. The feeling of having that in such a cold weather really made me want to cry. It’s too yummy and the German/Swiss music playing in the background just made it even more desirable. pasta with porkchop copy

Clear mountain view copy

While waiting for our train, we made our virgin snowman. Not much of a snowman, but it was fun! snowman

Although I wish we didn’t have to leave this place forever, we had to train off to a beautiful calm city – Lucerne. Each old town has lures you with a different kind of charm, and Lucerne’s draws you with its unique buildings and shopping! The casual walk in the light breezy cold, watching duckies and swans swimming in the lake made it feel like I’m on a proper holiday.view of mountains copyview of old town copy

Building 1 copy

Buildings 2 copy

streets of the old town copy

Feeding time copy

lion copy

Our Europe tour is really like those on travel programmes on TV (it might even be better), only minus the background music, the tiredness and extreme luxury. I wonder where we are going next.


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