Donating to buy coffins in Bangkok

March 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

By now you would have been tired of me talking about Bangkok. Hear me out! There’s something interesting I must share.

We did a short trip to Bangkok during the Lunar New Year and did something quite interesting – donating money to buy coffins for the people who can’t afford to or for unclaimed bodies found. Upon hearing “donating money to buy coffin”, the image casted in our heads was of a dark, scary, secluded place under an humongous old tree, where stray dogs circle around you cautiously as you walk into the temple and an old man with the longest and whitest hair waits for you at the door… What a morbid thing to do during the Chinese New Year.

The truth is far from it. It turns out that Ruamkatanyu Foundation is a simple yet crowded hall next to a temple and at the side of many others that stood out majestically against the blue skies. There is no old man with long white hair but regular people took seats behind a row of counters filling up paperwork for each donation. You will be given two pieces of documents, the first to stick on the empty coffin and the other to burn after prayers. Once the paperwork is done, the nice caretakers of the temple guided us through the sequence of offering prayers to the deities. And we were done!

Ruamkatanyu Foundation

dropping off

My contribution copy coffins copy temple copy old man copy other temples copy intricate details copy bells copy cat copy

It’s good to know that the less fortunate are being taken care at the final stage of their lives. Just a little something I wanted to share.


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