Magic Moments

May 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

It all started with boy hating girl, and vice versa.

But when the whole class needed to submit a difficult project, everyone worked together to churn the report out.  Coffee sessions and dinner dates followed, ‘liking’ each other just happened. Eight years down the road, the sparks are still as strong and solemnisation finally took place.

Eight months later, we are here with live size cutouts, photo props, great outfits and amazing company. Did i mention that i love the bouquets of tulips and calla lilies? And our outfits? =)

Our wedding favour – wedding bells.

Flowers in our favorite colour combinations.

Mr Groom mingling..

Our sweet helpers at the reception.

Thailand pre-wedding photo displays.

Live cut outs of us!

Friends with ‘us’.

Some fun photo props – people loved them so much that it all went missing!

Our first march in.

View of the ballroom at St Regis.

“Here, let me help you.”

Second march in..

The champagne fountain

A toast to everyone

The enthusiastic band of brothers doing the Yum seng! (Cheers!)

Photos with the family

and more..

A toast to all the important people who helped us make it happen.

Sorry Mei, we took this without you.

Seeing double?

I am Mrs Tan Tan

May 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh dear, I’ve abandoned this little spot for almost 3 weeks.

I’m back as Mrs Tan Tan. Our wedding lunch went really well. We owe this to the amazing brothers and sisters who’ve helped us make everything smooth. Although there were tonnes of traditional dos and don’ts, we still had so much fun!

Pictures speak a thousand words, how about i share a couple of teaser photos while waiting for the full official photos from my photographer Tucky. =) Stay tuned.

Away for the week

April 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Time pass sooo fast! My wedding is happening next week already! I’m so excited! Yiiippeeee…..

Thought i’ll share the corsages i made for the girls. =) Pretty happy with how it turned out, hope they will like it too. Will be really busy preparing the necessary, so i’ll be back in 2 weeks. Ciao!


Happy Saint Valentine’s

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sometimes we forget that:

Happily busy

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m glad our solemnisation, tea ceremony and wedding lunch are all on different days. This arrangement actually gives us time to prepare at our own snail pace. =) Recently we settled alot of stuff – suits,  gowns, flowers, dates & timing for carrying out traditional processes. We are only down the fun bits like the gate-crashing session, photo booth at the banquet and of course, our honeymoon!

I’ve been getting alot of help online with the fun stuff. Style Me Pretty has a beautiful collection of real weddings which can be really inspirational. Simply love the outdoor weddings (esp at the vineyards) and all the creative little touches the couples put effort in. And if you are interested to get some ideas or just to feast your eyes on the awesome photography, Bride Tide has 99 more blogs to do all that. Enjoy! And if you have any tips, do share! =)

Land of Smiles

November 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bangkok is beautiful (minus the recent floods), however,there are many parts we’ve not explored. During my recent trip, i believed i was in Tuscany more than in BKK. Yes, i was in Tuscany.

In the nice little town of Suan Phueng, surprises await you at every corner. The town is so local that there’s hardly any signs in English. Away from the city, its a great place to chill out with some friends. And thankfully, the people i went with were crazy fun! I’ve authentic Thai food, yes, lots of tom yam soup. I’ve crossed paths with childhood characters, super retro finds and amazing candles. Everything’s pretty old here, but fun. I’ve some slippery adventures at the waterfall too.

And if it wasn’t for the bugs, it would have been a great picnic spot by the 9-steps waterfall. I’m glad i brought my insect repellent.

2 days here – mission accomplished!

Shopping in the city somehow seem better in Bangkok this time. Biggest loot: my eyes! 9 months worth, thank you.

Another take away was a stunning place Dale’s friend brought us to dinner at, the best description for it would be – Dempsey setting (or nicer) with yummy food at Chinatown pricing. Desserts were just as yummy. Waterside Resort, we’ll be back for sure! (Apologise for the slight blurness – pictures were taken with the iPhone.)

The weather was merciful with no signs of water coming in as per warnings in the news. Was really thankful that everything went smoothly for us. Hang in there Bangkok!!

Highlights of the past 4 weeks

September 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m just gonna pick 2 that sticks out the most.

1. My Happily Ever After happened in a humble little place, and went pretty smooth too. Although there’s abit of getting use to for my family after that. Photos speaks a thousand words, when they are ready, I’ll share some online. Many thanks to my guests for sharing the special moment with us.

2. Raise your glasses! A smaller but happy thing happened – Oktoberfest at Swiss Club. Traditionally, it was just the two of us dancing on the bench. This year, a few great friends joined us in this and it was a blast! You really don’t have to go to Munich to enjoy this. Wooohooo! Will be back next year for more food and songs. Someone mentioned a mini-bus? Louis?

More stuff coming up in the next few weeks, they will be smooth sailing. Yes, they will.

Dressing up!

August 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Bangkok, i’m coming in October to do my pre-wedding shoot. My preparation is 90% done and i can’t wait! Please let the weather be good. Please let the flowers grow out nicely (if there are). Please let it be nice and safe. Please also let there be clean toilets along the way. =) Here a few of the dresses i prepared.And here’s 5 more i wish i have….

From left to right: Tupelo Dress from Anthropologie, Uuna 5 from Marimekko, Apricot Dot Single Faced Sundress from Orla Kiely, Revival Party Dress from BHLDN and Rally the Loops Dress from Modthcloth (sold out though).

Lazy Sunday

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I confess, i’m way behind on my drawings due to online window shopping and searching for inspirations for pre-wedding photoshoot and ROM.  I want a retro wedding, a colourful wedding, a garden wedding, a vineyard wedding and a whole lot more that will be quite difficult to pull it off with investing tonnes of money. So, a fun and simple one with nice floral arrangement is good for me, since it matters more with the company and my perfect other half.

BHLDN has got this really cute collection of shoes and gowns. A tad too pricy, but great for inspirations.  Aren’t the shoes just so cute ! Ok, i’ll catch up on my drawings soon. Ciao.

Recent adventures..

June 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Been really busy recently. I have people telling me that planning for wedding is a nightmare. So far (touch wood), i’m enjoying it! Maybe from the start i got my sequence for planning all wrong – according to a good friend. Maybe. Wrong in a good way i hope.

All the venue searching and attire hunting are pretty fun. Although we did have to crack our heads a little here and there, it is still a good experience. Checklists are important, i’d like to do the honeymoon portion first though. I can imagine us in some nice quaint restaurant, ordering by pointing at the longest dish name.. But that’ll happen last.

We owe it to friends all around, giving precious advices, tips and wonderful ideas. Guess this is the main reason why we have fun. =) We thank you!

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