What’s in a bag?

July 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

My left hand side neighbour’s in unit 01-02 – she’s helpful, funny and reaaaally nice! She’s Melina! If you find your sharpies gone one day, you’ll know who toook it…..

Let’s see what’s in her Agnes B bag. =) Ooo.. alot of card holders, coin purse, pouch… 1,2,3,4.. includes a wallet i guess. =) When everything’s in the bag, except for the 3 coloured objects, i don’t think you can see anything – its all black. I know what to get you for Christmas! A torchlight!

Ok lame…

Owner of this bag: Ms Melina Khong

Most interesting item: I like the kitty coin purse. =)

Cannot leave home without: “My headphones! Cos i love my music and i’ll feel lost (without it).”

I wonder who’s up next…

What’s in a bag?

July 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The overdue post is here..

Here’s a bag from a fun and entertaining colleague.. drum rolls please… Ms Panda Lai! Always bringing laughters to our work life, its definitely a great joy having her around.

Owner of this bag: Ms Jayce Lai

Most interesting item: Travel door alarm. Really useful and interesting, keeps you safe too!

Can’t leave home without: I’m guessing its the phone. But i remember she left home once without it, and was in pain all day…

Till then….. lalala…

What’s in a bag?

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Weeee! Its Summer-time.. hot hot hot!!

I sure had alot of fun drawing this post, its gotta be the most colourful one by far. Bright colours, cute stuff and hot weather. Win win, i just turned some your stuff into the Coach spring/summer collection. Except for that few items which would such a waste not to draw in their original colours. =)

Winn, i miss going Schu shopping with you! Somehow the shoes all look not as appealing as when we shop together. =( Why?

Owner of this keyboard bag: Miss Coach, Winnie Boo

Most interesting item: The bag – I super like! Tell me its not to-die for.

Cannot leave home without: I’m guessing… its either the wallet or phone. It can’t be the blackberry. (Right?)

More fun coming up!

What’s in a bag?

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m a little late today. Busy with big day preparations and some frivolous stuff. =)

I gotta stop destroying bags – Miss Neverfull. It means you can put alot alot of things in it and its’ll never spill out. Mary Poppins eh? This explains all the stuff in this bag, of which i do not have enough space to fit some into the picture. Ms Tay!!! I know exactly what to get your for your birthday, provided you use it. How about a bag organiser?

And btw, when is the crab dinner we were suppose to have?

Owner of Miss Neverfull: Joyce Tay

Most interesting item: Hand sanitiser x2

Cannot leave home without: I’m guessing its the usual answer – iPhone… Right? Ms Tay?

The next bag post may be delayed, but stay tuned…

What’s in a bag?

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m back! Been trying to spice things up a little, in colour! Well, not much, but its a start…. bear with me for awhile.

This is for Greenie. Sorry, i think i disfigured your Coach Bag, but at least its in greeeen..! Haven’t seen you in awhile, hope everything is going smooth for you. Can’t wait meet baby Isaac. =) We should all catch up soon!

Owner of this Coach: Greenie, Serene Yeo

Most interesting item: Heart shape lip gloss, from me!

Cannot leave home without: “iPhone, coz of whatsapp”

More stuff coming up!

What’s in a bag?

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its been a while since i saw her, this week, long time school mate – Blue! We had chinese class together, had some common close friends and soft spots for the cute letter sets. I remember all the letters we sent to each other, i still have all of them! I’m not gonna say who our teenage idols were. =X Too malu… And all the little gifts.. its safe in a box. Thanks for being there when i needed someone. =)

Owner of this soft bag: Blue Zhu

Most interesting item: The bag itself, i like!

Cannot leave home without: “I cannot leave home withouttttt…Hmmmmm. Gosh so difficult!! My organiser and iPhone i think. Hahhaha.”

Stay tune, i’m exploring colours real soon!

What’s in a bag?

May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week, see my dear cousin’s bag! We’ve grown up together doing silly and fun stuff – with her brother too. Countless sleepovers, mass tuition sessions, weekend getaways.. fun fun fun!!! She’s fun-loving and a super duper huge Hello Kitty fan.. Manda, have you use all those stuff i’ve given you??

Owner of dotty bag: Amanda Chia

Most interesting item: Bursting tissue bag with “This seat is taken” sign.

Cannot leave home without: “My iphone! Wallet!! Wallet… ezlink caaard!”

See you next week!

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